AUG 17. 2018


A clean, direct logo mark focuses and centres the eye of the consumer. This logo combines the principles of balance and unity from Ayurvedic traditions without relying on religious symbols or iconography.

  • Balance, Control, Power, Focus
  • Taking life's challenges in stride
  • An attempt to make the exotic contemporary and modern without pandering or exploiting

Can Design, 3D Renders:

Can designs will focus on celebratory art that draws from a variety of vibrant folk art styles with a clean modern application. The illustration represents the energy (or unity) of all living things flowing harmoniously. Each product will have unique artwork that unified by nature imagery and line art style. The use of a standout, bright colour will differentiate between flavours and allow for the brand to expand.

The logo draws the eye and the wrap-around illustration encourages the customer to explore the rest of the can, which leads them to the nutritional information. Additional elements such as legal text, barcode, nutritional information, and a "High Fat, Low Carb" call-out graphic will be included on the back of the can.

For this initial presentation we’ve shown some sample colour options (not final colours). The product name, product benefit, illustration, and flavour will change for each additional product in the line-up.

These designs will easily translate to a variety of packaging, including tetra packs (if needed) and promotional graphics for posters, online marketing, etc.

Can Design, Flat:

Against Competitive Set: